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A domain with a purpose

A while ago I registered, after noticing that it was available and not too expensive to register. However, it’s taken me until now, 6 months down the line, to actually do something useful with it. It now mirrors this site, since my new host allows me to have a handful of extra domains linked into my account, and sending email to anything [at] will send it on to me.
It’s not particularly interesting I’ll admit but at least it now has a purpose.


  1. are doing .com net and org domains for $6.49+TX tax that’s

  2. Try – but ev1servers only allow you to register GTLDs (such as .com/.net/.info/.biz) although, as an OpenSRS reseller, they do have the ability to do other extensions if they want to.
    I’ve only really encountered one problem with ev1servers (and I do use them a lot, if Neil does a little bit of detective work I’m sure he can figure out how and why 😉 ), and that’s payment problems. They have their own credit card payment method (which may not work with Neil’s cards: IIRC he says hes normally only got a Switch card which EV1 does not accept) and they have had a number of problems in the past (resulting in me having to make a number of international phone calls to try and find out if they had debit the card and then to get the “block” on the card removed: even though it was caused by a problem on their ordering system).
    Neil’s new hosting company does offer domain registrations (also through OpenSRS) for the slightly higher price of