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Movable Type 2.65 and 3.0

As usual, almost as soon as I have to do a reinstall of Movable Type, a new version comes out. The full announcement is on the MT site.
2.65 is the latest version, which fixes another security flaw found in MT’s XMLRPC server system. It also includes the fix to last month’s notification flaw. As for additional features, an Atom 0.3 feed is included as one of the default templates, and a selection of new tags are provided to integrate that (removing the need for add-on plugins).
There’s also an announcement for Movable Type 3.0, the next major version, which is expected early next year. We can expect a whole new interface, written in standards-compliant CSS (like TypePad already is), along with the ability to require registration for posting comments, better features for managing comments and trackback pings, more extensible plugin architecture and support for the Atom API, among other possible features which haven’t been announced yet. It’ll be a free upgrade, too. Looks good :).
Update: As you’d expect, every blogger and his dog is talking about it – read contributions from Andy, Frank, Jake and Jay plus Finally Atom and naturally Six Log.

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