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First snowfall of the season!

Photograph of a small fir tree covered in snow Last night we got our first snowfall of the winter season. It wasn’t a heavy snowfall (certainly not enough to make a decent snowman) but enough to give a light covering over most things.
Apart from being bitterly cold, the clouds have cleared and it’s actually quite a nice winter’s day, so I took a couple of photographs. The snow isn’t expected to linger very long, and it’ll probably all be gone by Christmas Day :(.


  1. Well I was looking forward to snow, but it’s too late now. Any snow we get now is just going to delay public transport and cause havoc trying to get down to London.
    And no, we’ve had no snow in Bradford yet.

  2. You’re soooo lucky. After two years without seeing snow, I’m ready to drive somewhere up north and shovel a trunkfull into my car with a maniacal laugh. Then drive home and spread it across our driveway.

  3. It’s not Christmas without a sprinkling of snow