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Back on the straight and narrow

NTL have finally updated their DNS servers, so I can blog as normally now. It’s taken them a while – the IP change should have happened early on Friday and sites like were showing the new version soon afterwards.
The reason why I switched hosts now, rather than when my contract with 3050hosting runs out in March, is down to three factors:

  1. I’m at home, which means that if I needed to transfer files manually (as I did in this case) I could do it over a broad-ish-band connection instead of 56k dialup, and it wouldn’t eat time that could be better used for studying (or in the student union bar).
  2. The site was about to moved to a new server anyway, powered by cpanel as opposed to Ensim. I might as well just have one move, rather than a move now and then another move three months down the line.
  3. My host also realised this, and us such, put up a special offer (both hosts are part of the same company). By moving to before January 5th, I get the remaining months of my contract with my old host refunded, and the £10 setup fee for the new account waived – therefore moving now would actually be cheaper than later on.

The move does form part of the excuse for not blogging yesterday, but the other part was down to me getting the old laptop geared up so that my dad could use it. This involved removing all my documents, photos and music, uninstalling any programs he wouldn’t use, and then setting up the computer for his email account etc. I’ve set the system up to use IE as the browser – yes, it is the spawn of the devil but it’s what he’s used to; however Mozilla Thunderbird will be his email client since didn’t seem to be able to tell the difference between that and Outlook Express anyway. As a final step I ran Diskeeper, and now the system seems to be running well. Fortunately, having installed and configured everything myself on that machine I knew where everything was, which helps greatly when you want to remove things.

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