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Accessible advanced search page for MT

I’ve resurrected the Search page which lets you search the site with various extended options. It’s based on this template from the MT documentation, but rather than copy and paste the code willynilly, I’ve been through and tried to make the code more standards compliant, and also more accessible. While a basic form is very easy to do, I’d never used tags like <legend> and <fieldset> before, which are used to indicate groupings of form elements and are encouraged in accessable design. From a standards point of view, <fieldset> is a nice tag to use because it is a block level element and has more semantic meaning on a form than <div> or <p>.
As I’m a generally kind and generous fellow, I’ll let you use the code on your own page – the search template is here. I’m actually working towards making most of my templates open like that – keep an eye on this folder for the files. Unlike my downloadable templates, these will be ‘live’, in that if I change a page on the site the file there will change too.

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