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Welcome to the other side

If you can read this, then you’re looking at the new version of the site. Although it’s based on a brand-spanking new Movable Type installation, everything should be at the same location as before and I’ve imported all of the templates.
I’m now being hosted by DIY Host, which means I have effectively unlimited bandwith (350MB per day is the actual limit) and a whole gig of space. On the old account, the site was beginning to get too big for its 125MB belt and I noticed that its bandwidth usage, while being within in the 2GB limit, was getting higher.
The DNS will get sorted in time, but until then will get you the latest version of the site. Some internal links may not work, as will some images, but this should be sorted once I’ve uploaded everything and the DNS sorts itself out.
In other news, that big box from DHL was my old laptop, complete with new fan and battery. It seems to work fine, and the hard drive is as it was when we sent it off (some vendors reformat it as a matter of course), so one of my Christmas tasks will be to get that to a state that my father can use. Which means uninstalling Linux

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