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Only a week to go

View out of my parents' front window on a cold winters' morning One of the nice things about living at home is that the view out of my window on a morning is much nicer than it is in Bradford, particularly on clear, frosty mornings like this one. I’m sure my father won’t me borrowing his digital camera to take that shot.
I had quite a busy trip into Bradford yesterday, since I not only had an asthma checkup but also my ‘flu jab (finally!) and got my prescriptions sorted out for over the Christmas break. Unfortunately it looks like I no longer qualify for free prescriptions (since I’m now 19) so I had to fork out £12.60 for this batch. The Shrek DVD had arrived so I picked that up too – it’ll be nice to sit down and watch that over Christmas. My mother also bought a stack of DVDs earlier in the week so we have the delights of such films as Meet the Parents, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Apocalypse Now Redux, The Parole Officer and Legally Blonde to keep us entertained through the cold winter nights. Bearing in mind that until now my parents only owned 3 DVDs, you can tell that there’s been some special offers running, can’t you?
So, it’s only a week until Christmas day. No idea what I’m doing tomorrow, but on Saturday I’m going into town with the parents to do some last minute shopping. There’s also a continental market on, so mum’s using that as an excuse to get some nice food to eat during the festive season. No real plans for Sunday and Monday either, as yet, but the relatives invade us on Tuesday for a meal, and my grandparents are stopping over until Boxing Day on Friday, when we go and see the relatives again, but on different territory. My Dad’s birthday is the following Sunday and then the Monday after that we’re going to see the final installment of Lord of the Rings.
And just as an aside: is it true that Boxing Day (26th December) isn’t celebrated in the US? I understand that it exists in Australia, Canada and of course the UK, but I get this feeling that the day after Christmas Day in America isn’t particularly special.

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  1. i had to explain boxing day three times whilst i was on holiday in the states the other week! They all go back to work in the States the next day – so they dont’t get a *real* christmas!