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Firebird 0.8 Branch Builds

Firebird 0.8 is just around the corner, with a final release hoped for this side of Christmas Day. As such, a branch has been cut specifically for this release, and, to get a sneak peek at what 0.8 will look like, I got myself a build.

This was the first build I’d tried with the installer, which seems to work well – it certainly looks nicer than the Mozilla Seamonkey installer, although it could do with using MS Shell Dlg as the font rather than MS Sans Serif since that allows ClearType to kick in for XP users. A choice of destination for start menu items would be nice too.
Screenshot of Firebird's new download managerOnto the program itself, which I’ve been using since this morning with no problems. First major change is the new icon – it now uses the F-globe icon that dons the pages of Firebird Help, which looks nicer but takes some getting used to. Then there’s the new download manager, which again takes some getting used to but is a nice addition that merges well with the XP look. It is a bit buggy, in that it pops up a notification when a download is complete (like Thunderbird does when you receive an email) but when you click on the notification nothing happens as yet, but hopefully that will get fixed.
The ‘Add to Bookmarks’ window has also seen a much needed overhaul and is now much nicer and easier to use. And there’s been the usual raft of bug fixes, although for some reason all the buttons on dialogs are aligned to the right instead of the centre.
No showstopping bugs so far, which is good. Get yourself a build if you’re inquisitive, or wait for the final release next week. It certainly looks like a good release, that’s for sure.
Screenshot of Trillian Pro showing Trillicam Meanwhile, I’m also testing Trillian Pro 2.01, now in its fourth beta release. It’s also the first time that I’ve had a chance to play with the Yahoo Webcam feature – the image shows what ‘trillicam’ looks like on my machine. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much – I watched it for a few minutes to check to see if there were any bugs in it. All that happened was that the lava lamp moved slightly and a popup message appeared on the screen, and then disappeared again. Webcams are fun, aren’t they?


  1. Why is your site showing up as updated everyday at:
    possibly missing date in rss feed?

  2. RSS feed is fine. The problem, I think, is with Henrik’s update bot – it checks to see when the file was last modified, not when an entry was posted. For example, when you posted your comment, the file was modified, hence it showed as updated.
    Not much I can do about it, other than hacking Movable Type to stop prevent it from constantly rebuilding.

  3. Nah, I think it gets updated, not due to comments here (It showed up as updated on Jan 9, but the last comment was Jan 1), but because your blog has entries more than just mozilla category.
    So its probably picking up updates from all categories, but displaying only mozilla ones.

  4. That shouldn’t be the case, but either way, other than manually updating the feed there’s nothing I can really do to stop it from happening.