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British Blog Awards results

The Guardian British Blog Awards results have been announced, and, as expected, I didn’t win this time (or last time). Maybe next year.
On the other hand, this time I had heard of some of the entries. London Underground Tube Diary was a runner-up in the ‘Best Specialist’ category, which I’d come across a few times, and the winner Pepys’ Diary will be familiar to anyone who was interested in blogging at the beginning of this year.
Belle de Jour, which I hacked up an RSS feed earlier in the week for, won ‘Best Written’, and quite rightly too. I wish my life was as interesting, and my writing skills as good as hers are.
LinkMachineGo, a daily link collection that this site has been featured on in the past, also got a mention.


  1. I like this links!

  2. Bad luck about the award, maybe next time it shall be yours?
    Did you bribe the judges – that might have helped.