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Nothing much to report

Subscribers to Smaller World will testify that I’ve been adding quite a few links today, yet I haven’t found anything much to post here as main content. And since I’m spending much of this week slouched out on the sofa at home (laptops rule 🙂 ), I’m not doing anything much interesting in my life either.
That said, I have almost finished getting my parents’ computer back up to speed. You may remember that last month I realised it was nearly 18 months behind on critical updates, and although the critical stuff is installed, I didn’t have time to update everything else. It now has a whole raft of recommended updates, including the .Net Framework 1.1, Windows Media Player 9 and the latest Windows Messenger (although I seriously doubt my folks would ever use that), along with an updated driver for the NIC. Quite what difference that will make I don’t know but I installed it anyway, and everything seems to be working.
ZoneAlarm also got updated to the latest version, and I did a cleanup job to remove various temporary files, saving around 250MB of space. What took the biscuit was that most of that was hidden away in IE’s Temporary Internet Files folder, which a standard clean didn’t pick up. And to think 2.5% of my parents’ disk was wasted on that…
It’s now on its second defragmentation, since I can’t honestly remember when it was last defragmented (may have been as much as two years ago). The first try went alright but some files were still heavily fragmented so I’ve sent it off again – it’s been working for just over an hour now and still going. If that fails I’ll stick Diskeeper on it and see if that makes any difference, but it tends to take over the computer and annoy you with nag screens every day so I won’t install it unless I have to.
Tomorrow I’m briefly back in Bradford to pick up that DVD and go for an asthma checkup. I doubt I’ll be staying very long though.

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