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Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas TreeThrough the course of Saturday and yesterday, the Christmas decorations were put up. As it was last year, the tree is in the dining room – it’s the same fake tree that we’ve been using for the past decade or so. It will need replacing soon but it’s lasted a while. It’s on the elephant table, a carved seat that has been passed down my mother’s side of the family and was inherited by us a couple of years ago. There’s also a small fibre-optic tree in the living room which has also been around for a few years now.
I always enjoy putting up decorations because it makes the house feel a lot more cosy. Though usually the decorations are quite subtle since my mother hates tackiness.
The photo, incidentally, was taken using my father’s digital camera, mainly because it can take photos at up to 4 megapixels as opposed to 0.8, and it seems to work better in low light conditions.

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