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Cries of woo and yay

Now that I’ve found the RSS feed for (which was a lot harder than it should have been since there’s no link to it on the site or a <link> tag in the page header), all my favourite reads are now accessible via FeedDemon.
Talking of which, I forgot to mention yesterday that all the pages now have <link> tags for the Atom feed, as well as the RSS feed. While I’m not so sure as to whether Atom will suceed as a syndication format, I’ll be happy to support it.
I am also undecided on the filename. At present it is called newfangled.xml, mainly because I originally created the file back in July when the name was undecided. Looking at other sites, atom.xml seems naturally popular, but this article on BitWorking seems to encourage the use of the .atom file extension, so index.atom is another possibility.
Either way, if I change it then redirects will be in place.

One Comment

  1. There’s a reason my rss feed was so hard to find. Up until fairly recently it wasn’t updating as it should have been, and so I gave up on advertising it.
    Nice to hear one of the upgrades has fixed it though.