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Intel’s Wireless Hotspot Finder

Intel’s got a wireless hotspot finder thingy, and it’s actually quite good since it isn’t limited to the US. Typing in ‘Bradford’ got a pretty good list of hotspots near to me, which included two of the student union bars (The Steve Biko Bar and The Courtyard), The Peel Hotel, which is just off campus, Edwards and Varsity, which are down the road towards the city centre, and Goose, which is a bar in the centre which I’ve yet to visit. It also included the Hilton hotel, and a pub called the Shearbridge which closed over the summer.
Not a bad list, since those are all within easy walking distance of me. The annoying thing is that they are all part of The Cloud network which charges 10p/min for using their service – a whopping £6 for a mere hour’s usage. Compare that with services like Boingo which only charge £8 for a whole day’s access. Sorry, but you already look a bit of a prat if you’re sat in the pub with a laptop computer – admitting that you just paid £6 to look a prat just makes the situation even worse.
Of course, the list doesn’t include RoamNet, the university’s own wireless service, which is free but only open to those who have a login for the university computers. There are only two hotspots on that service at present but hopefully they will add some more soon. In particular, a few around the halls of residence would be most welcome…
Back home there are several in the city centre but the nearest one to my parents’ house is about 15 minutes walk away and in a pub that I wouldn’t normally frequent. And besides, it’s another £6 per hour one.
I may get some use out of the wifi card over Crimbo since my cousin and her husband have wifi in their house, which we’ll be visiting on Boxing Day.

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