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The Monday Mission 3.49

Despite squeezing last week’s Friday Five in just in time, it was decided that there’d be no Friday Five this week. Typical.
However, I’m only a day late for this week’s Monday Mission, so I’ll do that instead.

1. Do you have any vacation time from work saved up for the Holidays? Or are you taking any time off or traveling this month? What are your plans?

You probably know by now I don’t work, but I have a whole month off from university (4 weeks) so I have plenty of time to chill out after what has been a rather insane end to the term (although it has been a much better end than this time last year, but I won’t go into that). Plans for Christmas are pretty similar to the past couple of years – we have most of the family visiting us on the 23rd December, then we celebrate Christmas at home with my grandparents, before travelling through to Hull to be with the rest of the family again on Boxing Day. And then we’ll be watching Lord of the Rings in the cinema on the 28th, as usual.
Other plans may include a trip through to Manchester next week as some of my buddies have another week at university after I finish this Friday.

2. When do you do most of your blogging? During the day, at work, at home, at night?

During the day or on an evening, and generally at home. I’ve occasionally blogged from other locations but I find it easier doing it at mny own pace on my own computer.

3. What tends to keep you from blogging more? Or could it be that you blog too much and should do less?

Lack of ideas. But I’d never say I didn’t blog enough – I can usually manage at least one entry per day and sometimes several.

4. Do you like dressing up and/or “role playing?”

Not really, although I have a few things to wear for the Christmas disco on Friday. Not a whole outfit, but a few things. I won’t say more because I’ll give the game away to any of my university friends who are reading this.

5. When choosing a mate, there are some things you can overlook (boob size, hairy backs, beer belly, bad teeth, hair lip, etc.) and some things you just can’t (see previous list). What are some of thing things you can live with when picking your partner, and what are the things that are a “must have?”

Being able to get on with someone is pretty important in a relationship, so I’d say compatibility. I’m not too worried about looks – anything from average upwards is fine, just as long as the person underneath is nice. A good sense of humour and an open mind are also important qualities, I think. I don’t know what the “must have” would be though.

6. My neck and back are in a constant state of tension. In fact, on the rare occasion that someone gives me a neck/back-rub, I am so tense that it hurts when they work out the kinks. I am just more used to being tense than not. I think I need help. Have you ever had a professional massage or ever been to a Chiropractor?

No. I never seem to have trouble like that. If I did I might consider it though.

7. Inspired by the Amazing P3nis Patch…. Does size really matter? Yeah you know exactly what I mean too. Men, what have you been told and what do you know to be true? Girls, what is the real story and is that what you tell the guys? Have you ever been scared of one that was too big? For both: why do you think this debate is still going on?

I don’t really care much about the size of my penis – it’s a penis, it works (presumably, never had chance to test it fully), that’s all that matters in my mind. It’s about average size. Would I consider enlarging it? Only if my girlfriend really wanted it, and seeing as I don’t have one then there’s no need. I wouldn’t want a girl to date me solely because I’m well endowed in the crotch area.

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