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Feed me Gecko Demons

This may be violating the license agreement, but I now have FeedDemon working using the Gecko rendering engine instead of IE’s. It works surprising well – about the only thing that stopped working was the comments icon – other than that it seems to work fine.

To do it to your FeedDemon, or to just about any application that uses embedded IE, go to Adam Lock’s Mozilla ActiveX Control page, scroll right down to the bottom and download IEPatcher (link points to a .zip file). Then run it on feeddemon.exe (which will probably be in c:\Program Files\Bradbury\FeedDemon if you installed it to the default location) – it will probably say ‘nothing to patch’ but it worked for me.

You will also need to have the Mozilla ActiveX Control installed, and I would strongly suggest that you use the binary available on that same page, as opposed to setting up an existing installation of Mozilla (or another GRE program) – this has never worked for me.

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  1. Thursday, December 18, 2003

    I\’ve known about the Mozilla ActiveX project for ages (genuinely one of the best and most useful things anyone could be doing with Mozilla), but never got around to trying it