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Fixing a faulty Firebird

For the past couple of weeks, my Firebird has been feeling rather ill. It just wouldn’t take on any new extensions – any that I tried to install would result in the app starting, but then hanging before the UI appeared. It could only be closed by forcibly ending the task via Task Manager. Getting it to work again would require me deleting my Chrome folder, but the next time I installed an extension it would only break again.
Help was at hand, however. I backed up my profile using Mozilla Backup, then deleted it, and then restored it, and let Firebird automatically rebuild the other files.
So far so good – I’ve reinstalled CuteMenus without any problems, and will be adding things like Tabbrowser Extensions in due course. Since it seems to have worked, before upgrading to Thunderbird 0.4 I gave it the once over on my Thunderbird profile in the hope that it will make that all spick and span too.
Update: Ooops. Don’t do that with Thunderbird – it’s messed up my mail filters and my bayesian filter training file. Fortunately I zipped up a copy of the original folder first before deleting it, so I’ll restore that.

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  1. Now, my Firebird also kicked the can last night. It decided to not let me get tabs, delete all my bookmarks, or let me hit sites (ie: gave me the “The host cannot be found” error).
    Plus, Firebird 0.7 crashes phenominally when certain fonts are called on webpages. Not sure if that’s happening over in Windowsland, but over here FB 0.7 is unstable all over the place.
    I did get my bookmarks.html from my ~/.phoenix folder, blow away the .phoenix dir, unmerge firebird and remerge it. Bookmarks imported, and all is well. BUT STILL. Huge pain in the ass. Hopefully the next FB will be somewhat more stable in the future. 🙁 FB 0.6 was so nice. I miss it. *tear*