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Not the proud owner of a DVD player

I’m officially not the proud owner of a new DVD player, and it’s all thanks to a reassuringly honest salesperson at the Leeds branch of Richer Sounds.

Photograph of Neil having not shaved for two weeks The story starts in Bibi’s, a very nice Italian restaurant in Leeds. I’d agreed to have lunch with my mum, mainly because two weekends ago I went home and left my razor there and wanted to get rid of two weeks of hair on my face.

(This is an electric razor, by the way. I’ve never had a wet shave in my life, and didn’t want to injure myself, hence the reason for my lengthy abstention.)

Over lunch, my mum said that Richer Sounds had multiregion DVD players starting at a mere £35. While I only have one DVD to my name and a laptop capable of playing region 2 DVDs, the idea sounded good, so after lunch I headed off down there and browsed around. Personally I find it much easier watching stuff on a TV screen as opposed to a laptop screen, and being multi-region I’m not limited to buying DVDs designed for Europe or Japan – any DVD should play back fine, including those from the US where films are often released earlier than here.

In the end, the cheapest multi-region DVD player was £50 – I’m guessing they had sold out of cheaper models, although there was a basic Region 2 player for £30. I cornered a salesperson, and explained my situation. He was very helpful, but, alas, there was a problem. As I said previously, I have a 13-year-old TV, which isn’t equipped with a SCART socket. Now I do have a VCR with such a socket that is connected to the TV, so potentially I could plug the DVD player into the VCR, switch on to channel 0 and then watch a DVD on the TV. But I can’t, because most DVD players won’t allow you to do that. Major bummer.

The shop did have a multi-region player which allowed you to disable the blocking for £100, but, alas, this was well out of my price range. Although the salesperson was a little pushy, he respected my decision to go away and think about it, and didn’t try to push me into buying something that I didn’t really want, for which I have to give credit to the company. Richer Sounds have been good to us in the past, and they have still yet to fail us for customer service.

That photo, by the way, has just been submitted to The Mirror Project – it’s not great but at least it has a little story behind it. Let’s see if they include it.

Update: Mirror Project submission accepted! 🙂


  1. So it took me about 5 minutes before I realized that was you in the picture.
    That is you, right?

  2. That is me. The beard and the collar may have put you off.

  3. The region 2 dvd player RS do multi region for

  4. Well, I think you look rather foxy. And older, too.

  5. The beard probably made me look older. It’s shaved off now. And the grey hair will be a trick of the light or an indication that I need a better camera since I still have a full head of thick brown hair :).