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Help Jake’s Spine

Jake’s got back problems. It’s been a problem for a while but he’s only just had chance to get an MRI scan, and it turns out there’s three bulging discs in his spine, one of which is bulging so much as to interfere with a nerve, causing him what sounds like considerable pain.
Now while I’m a poor student, and would welcome any cash donations, I think Jake needs the money far more, since he has to pay for his treatment. You can donate money via PayPal or Amazon.
I do kind-of know what Jake is going through since my Dad had a similar problem – one of his discs slipped right out and hit a nerve, requiring an operation to remove it. This was back in 1990, and meant he had to spend the entire summer in bed. Admittedly there was the football World Cup in Italy to watch, and my mum did buy him a portable TV (which is the one that I now use here at university), but we had to cancel our holidays and afterwards he had to do a lot of exercises to get strength back into his legs since he’d been flat out in bed for the best part of two months.
Since I still have a little cash left over, I’ve sent some moolah his way in the hope that it might help. It’s not much – $7.00 US, which is what was left over in my Paypal account – but I hope it’ll help.

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  1. Thanks a ton, Neil. Anything will certainly help. Any money I do get will be less money I’ll have to put on my credit card, which is very nice.