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Help a confused student

(and this time you don’t need to donate any money)

You may remember I’ve been on the lookout for a new phone deal and settled on Tesco Mobile because it’s pay as you go, quite cheap and very simple (20p/minute to all phones and landlines, or 10p/minute to 3 favourite Tesco/landline numbers). But I now have a dilemma.

I’ve got a Nokia 3410, which works fine and is in good condition, but I’ve now discovered the Siemens MC60. Not only does it look rather nice, but it has a colour screen, multimedia messaging, integrated camera, Java games and is a tri-band phone so it’ll work in the US and Canada, assuming I ever go there. And unlike the Nokia 3650, it’s not shaped like a rather flat, rounded brick so it doesn’t monopolise valuable pocket space. What’s more, Tesco have it locked to their network for £125, compared with the usual price of £170 for an unlocked SIM-free phone.

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with my current phone, bar the lack of the features I mentioned above. It’s unlocked already, so I could conceivably just buy a Tesco SIM card for £9.99 and get 500 free Clubcard points, equivalent to £5 of vouchers off shopping at a future visit to Tesco. Furthermore, I don’t have that much money, although I could sell the 3410 to get a bit of cash back.

Decisions, decisions. Anyone want to help me decide?


  1. What are they charging for the Nokia 6100 – It’s normaly smart and affordable with all the toys…

  2. Keep your phone… all the extras that the other phone offers are just gizmos to make hardware junkies feel like they need them.
    Go to Tesco’s buy the new sim card, then drop by the pub on the way back and put your hard earned money to good use 😉

  3. 6100 is £200 from Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u (without a SIM) and not an option from Tesco (they only sell the 3×10 series).

  4. Hi Neil,
    I hate mobile phones!
    My advice: get rid of the Nokia and don’t get another one.
    e-mail is better.

  5. Email would be brilliant if any of my friends ever checked their email on a regular basis. The fact is most of them have their phones with them all the time so it’s much quicker.