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Foot-in-Mouth syndrome

My foot is firmly in my oral cavity. After talking with one of the other course representitives for Computing, I sent out an email at about 7:30pm last night to all second year students asking them to rate one of our lecturers on the scale of 1-5, giving a few extra comments if appropriate. I also mentioned that I was aware of some issues surrounding a recent coursework assignment that was returned to us this week, and that i would be taking these concerns to the next meeting of the Student-Staff Liason Committee, which I sit on to represent the students.
Normally, when I send out emails like this, I get maybe one or two responses. By half past three today, I had 32. While there were a couple that said there were no problems, it’s clear that there is a large degree of dissatisfaction among students, so much so my summary of complaints is already takes up a whole side of A4 paper.
The meeting isn’t until Monday but it looks to be quite a showdown. I just hope the first and third-years don’t have any pressing issues as it looks like we’ll be monopolising the meeting.

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