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Lockergnome News Feeder

With Chris being so enthusiastic about RSS, it was only a matter of time before Lockergnome got its own RSS reader. And it comes in the form of the Lockergnome RSS Feeder, a shareware application which is free for 7 days but costs a paltry $5 (or three of your great British pounds) to register. Then there’s a Premium version for $15 which doesn’t limit you to being able to add only 20 extra feeds.
If your a novice user, or new to RSS, then this may well be your cup of tea. You get an attractive easy to use interface, with plenty of feeds already included. The level of functionality is similar to Aggreg8, which is available as an add-in for Mozilla.
Power users, however, will find the interface restrictive and the lack of features somewhat shocking. FeedDemon remains my favourite and my recommendation to anyone looking for an RSS reader.

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