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Interesting new ZoneAlarm feature

A lot has been said about ZoneLab’s controversial decision to prevent users of ZoneAlarm from disabling automated updates – read this SpywareInfo article and a viewpoint in this week’s LangaList. But one interesting new feature is warning if passwords are sent across the internet as plain text. The warning in this case was about my Bradford webmail password, which, since I’m on the same subnet as the webmail server meant that I wasn’t too bothered. But if my passwords will being sent like that to other sites I may be more cautious, and it’s good that ZoneLabs has this feature.

While we’re on the subject of Email, Thunderbird 0.4 RC1 is out. I posted this to Smaller World about an hour ago but now that I’ve tried it I’m posting about it here, since this new release rocks. The theme has been changed – it’s not too different to Qute but it does look much better, and now all toolbars and screen elements are themed. There are several confirmed bugs, however, but the final 0.4 release isn’t far off – it will co-incide with the forthcoming Mozilla 1.6 beta release.


  1. Warning about unencrypted passwords seems a little pointless. Internet Explorer will warn you the first time you do it anyway, so unless it’s going to also monitor pop3/imap/etc then why bother?
    Since getting banned from using uni computers (long story), I’ve started using the webmail with my domain – which does have encryption, though to be fair I do generally trust the people I share bandwidth with (or feel safe that they don’t know how to sniff packets)

  2. I think the best feature in RC1 at the moment is not notifying of new mail if all new mail is Junk.
    Neil, I think you’ve been using Thunderbird for some time now. I was just wondering .. how long did it take you to train your Junk mail adaptive filters? I’m getting very low performance from my copy which I’ve been using for several months now (since 0.1). Maybe I did something wrong? Am I allowed to forward all Junk mail into the Junk folder right away, or do I have to train it in my Inbox and then enable the forwarding to the Junk forder? Is this not a problem at all?
    thanks for any help.