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Back on the level

I know it’s been 4 days since my last update but my feet have barely touched the ground since Thursday evening. If it interests you, this is how I’ve spent the past few days:


  • Woke up slightly later than intended, wrote an ’emergency’ article for the student magazine (it should be on the ‘net soon so I won’t spoil the surprise 🙂 ).
  • Spent an hour in a lecture – the only lecture I have on Fridays starts at 9am and usually finishes at 10.
  • Went to have my photograph taken for the 2005 university prospectus – my name was put forward as about the only possibly willing person from the Computing department. Apparently the photos look good but I’ll have to see them properly before I make a judgement.
  • Went to a meeting about a group software project which is due in at the end of May; however initial design documents have just over a week to be done.
  • Put stickers on condoms. Don’t ask.
  • Helped to bring in various Christmas decorations. Agreed to give up more time on Sunday and Monday to help get them up.
  • Sat down, checked my email, had a few minutes rest, called my mum and then packed.
  • Set off for the Yorkshire Dales on a teambuilding weekend.

Saturday and Sunday

Photograph of a bridge in Clapham Spent most of Saturday doing teambuilding and training activities, although we did get a bit of free time so I could get some photographs of Clapham, the village where the training centre is situated. It’s a really nice little village, with just the one pub and a few shops, but the locals seemed very friendly. The weather in the morning was terrible – windy with heavy rain – but by the afternoon it had dried up somewhat. Sunday involved tieing up the weekend and then heading back to Bradford. We got back at 4pm, so I had a bit of relaxation time before helping out with getting the Christmas decorations up around the student union building. It took 4 hours, and involved rather a lot of snow spray, but it looks good, even if they were already being defaced last night… 🙁 The day ended with a curry – although I’ve been making curry myself quite often, I haven’t had chance to go out and eat at a curry house in a very long time (this is despite having possibly the UK’s best selection of curry houses on your doorstep).


Another early start – being World AIDS day meant that the union also needed decorating with stickered condoms (told you not to ask) which students could take if they needed to. Posters promoting safe sex and dispelling myths about AIDS also went up. Then, after a course rep meeting (I did say I was a course rep, didn’t I? Well, I am), I started in on some coursework, before getting food and then going to the weekly meeting of the student magazine (Monday is meeting day for me). This one I had to go to because I was nominated for the position of IT Editor, which means that, once I have the passwords, I’ll be able to take control of Scrapie Online. It also means I have greater say over what goes in the magazine, and I get free entry to the FND every Friday :).
Photograph of Dear Chicago performing live So, afterwards there was coursework to finish (done), and then a rock night to go to, this week featuring a band called Dear Chicago (which is apparently also a Ryan Adams song). They weren’t bad – after playing a few of their own songs they did a few covers, some of which were pretty good.


So, today. There’s a few things that need typing up, and a few lectures to attend, but other than that I have a comparatively peaceful day.

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