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Firstly, a belated Happy Eid to those celebrating the end of Ramadam on Tuesday. Next, a Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US celebrating it today. And a Happy St. Andrew’s Day to those in Scotland who’ll be celebrating it on Sunday.
And a belated Happy 19 1/2 birthday for me – it was on Tuesday. So in 6 months time I’ll no longer be a teenager…
Although I’m sure I’ll blog something tomorrow, I’m going on a training and teambuilding weekend funded by the university tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ve said already but this year I’m one of the course representatives for Computing, and the university provides free training for it. This weekend is the final step, and is an all-inclusive trip to Ingleborough Hall, near Clapham in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. As I said, it’s free, bar a £10 refundable deposit, therefore it’s actually cheaper for me to go than to stay here, since I’d only go out and spend money tomorrow night, and then there’s the cost of meals etc.
So yeah, I almost certainly won’t be blogging on Saturday :).

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  1. Just thought Id let you know Im also using your template.
    and happy birthday. 🙂