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To end a Matrix

I finally got around to seeing The Matrix Revolutions last night – the intention was to watch it on Monday night but I think you know what happened then. Overall? Not bad, not bad at all. I went with three friends and while we all agreed that the first film was the best of the three, we couldn’t decide whether this or Reloaded was better.
I’ll say more about what I thought in the extended bit so that I don’t spoil the film for those who haven’t seen it yet.

The special effects, in my mind, were some of the best yet, particularly the final fight scene and the scene were Zion is under attack by the machines, although the latter really did remind of a mechanised Lord of the Rings.
I was pleased to see there weren’t any over-long fight scenes like in the last film – in fact, the fighting was kept down to a nice level. The ending wasn’t brilliant but at least it didn’t go on too long, and I agree with those who said that it still leaves space for a fourth film, although I personally see that unlikely.
The scene where Trinity dies went on far too long, and Carrie-Anne Moss didn’t seem to act like she was dying – rather lying there a bit tired and hungover. That scene could have been much better. Before that, however, the quote from Neo after he has his eyes burned out was good: “I think you’d better drive”.
As for continuity errors, I certainly saw at least two which are both on It appears to have less mistakes so far than any of the other films though.

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