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Bot blocking

I’ve put in an automated bot blocker, on the off chance that I may catch bots that are deliberately looking for security exploits on the site. I won’t publicise which URLs will trigger it but you can probably guess what they are.
It shouldn’t affect normal, legitimate users but if you find you find you are banned, send me an email with your IP address and the page you tried to open and I’ll investigate.


  1. You realise a quick visit from any computer centre pc is going to block the whole lot? Oh the wonders of proxy caches…

  2. Ah – did you know it only blocks if the bot follows the redirection to the formmail script? If it doesn’t follow it, it doesn’t get blocked (302 redirects stand a “lower than normal” chance of being followed by misconfigured bots).
    Oh – I’ve managed to block the W3C validator and because of this. It would have been so much easier for you to tell us which folders/directories to avoid rather than make us guess 😉