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Oooh, get you!

It seems like Microsoft have got the handbags at the ready over Israel’s decision to stop using MS Office and switch to Now it’s fair to say that the Israeli government isn’t my favourite administration (in fact I prefer George W. Bush to Ariel Sharon, and that’s saying something), but in my mind this is a wise move.
A Microsoft representitive said The employment agency has selected an immature and unproven software package and its functionality is at the best close to Office 97,. And, well, yes it is, but on the other hand, no it isn’t. Yes, it has a similar feature set to Office 97, but to be frank, who really needs all the extra features introduced in 2000, XP and now 2003? I’d say very few. On the other hand, it is more mature because Office 97 will have trouble opening a file from Office XP – can open any MS Office file almost flawlessly. In fact, in the Resource Kit, one of the 10 reasons for why you should use is that it’s more compatible with MS Office files than MS Office is.

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