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Midnight at the Oasis

It’s 11pm, and I’m in a computer lab. And before you ask, my laptop is perfectly fine.
The thing is, I’ve been here for over 3 hours now, yet it hardly seems like more than an hour. Originally I came along to keep someone company for a few minutes but a few minutes has somehow turned into a few hours. Admittedly I have done some work here, so it’s not been a complete waste of an evening, but I just don’t know where it has gone.
Oh yeah, I had my first play with Netscape 7.0 – sad I know but I’ve only ever used Mozilla and haven’t touched its older brother since 6.0. I wasn’t too impressed, to be honest – it looks like Mozilla with a load of extra stuff that I don’t really need, and it somehow insisted that I set up a totalxsiva [at] email address (yay, another account I didn’t want). It also had popups enabled by default so on visiting the home page I was swamped with unwanted windows. I appreciate NS 7.1 will be better but that’s not an option on here – it’s not my machine after all, and I don’t think it would co-exist with Mozilla on my own machine. That said, I do have Firebird and Thunderbird running out of my roaming profile here and no-one seems to mind..

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