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Internet filters suck II

I’ve found out why Miranda still won’t connect to Yahoo, and, thankfully, the problem is nothing to do with Miranda. It’s that damned firewall again.
According to my Yahoo log files, this happened…

[09:39:06 YAHOO] D:\Miranda\mim 032\Miranda-IM\protocols\netlib\netlibopenconn.c 400: connect() failed (10061)
[09:39:06 YAHOO] Abortive closure of server socket

…which means the computer that I’m connected to for internet closed the connection. It’s further backed up by the fact that returns a ‘site blocked’ error message, the same as whenever I visit an URL with the word ‘porn’ in it (see the first ‘Internet filters suck’ entry). Which means I can’t download the real client either, and we know that Trillian doesn’t work anymore (although it did work with Yahoo last semester).
incidentally, the ICQ site is blocked, as is the default ICQ communication port, however, I’m still able to use ICQ on a random port. I have no such problems with AOL or Jabber (which I have on SSL mode), or MSN now that I have the gateway plugin.
Next year I’m hoping to find some buddies to live with in a house so with a bit of luck I’ll have an internet connection that won’t suck. That said, it depends whether I go to do an industrial placement, in which case I could be living anywhere next year. Including Bracknell…


  1. you could try (i think) that does a web interface to icq too.

  2. Thanks Andy. works for me, although the stylesheet and images are all broken, presumably because of being blocked.
    I can get ICQ to work fine as I said, but only through a random port.