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Something for the weekend

My parents’ machine is now up-to-date with critical updates, but still has 2 driver updates and 18 software updates that need to be installed. ZoneAlarm also needs updating, but when you consider that installing SP1 and a further 16 critical updates took a whole 2 hours last night I’m not rushing into it. Although my parents have broadband internet, having it connected to a 400Mhz AMD K6-2 with only 128MB means you don’t get much of a performance increase. And it’s running XP, which means it’s not the fastest beast in the moor, although XP runs a darn sight better on there than 98 ever did.
The machine turns 5 years old in January, and in its time its only seen a few changes – extra memory, an ethernet card and the addition of CD-RW, along with a new monitor. It’ll only be a matter of time before it’s replaced, particularly after my gloating over the speed of my new laptop.
On the plus side, it looks like I inspired someone. I’ll echo him – if any of you techies have relations with computers in need of a bit of patching, use the holiday season as a chance to sort them out. If not at thanksgiving, maybe at Eid next week, or even Christmas. You could make it a New Year’s resolution. If everyone patched their systems and had a basic awareness of security, then worms and hacking will undoubtedly be much less of a problem.
No, there wasn’t an echo – this was inadvertently posted twice. Apologies.

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