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At the weekend, I had to install the RealOne player to listen to some BBC audio streams (namely The News Quiz which I’d missed, both on Friday and the Saturday repeat). Apparently, despite having no recollection of this, I indicated that I would liked to be spammed silly receive “product news, updates, and special offers”.
So, when the first one of these arrived, I hit ‘unsubscribe’. And, after telling me I had been successfully unsubscribed, it told me that ‘it may take 3-5 days for your request to take effect’. Sorry, but WTF? What are they running the mail server on, a TRS-80? Why can’t my request be dealt with now, like, well, most other mailing list providers like Lockergnome?
As it is, I got another mail from them today, although when I went to unsubscribe it said I had already been unsubscribed which is perhaps a good sign.
Oh yeah, WebProWorld are still spamming me. I’ve trained Thunderbird’s bayesian filter to automatically send any mail from them to the trash, as I’ve almost given up being able to unsubscribe from them. Unless I can find some script or program that I can run which will collect mail from the alias I used for their mail and automatically bounce it back, giving the impression that the alias no longer exists.


  1. Can’t you just put a forward rule on your host for the inbound address?

  2. Have you thought of Mail Washer? I couldn’t live without it (average of over 10,000 emails per day, yet MailWasher ensures I only have to “hand filter” less than 200 and then I can enhance the blockage even further).
    It has got a “bounce” function, but once you start delaying with the amount of spam I get it’s a little bit pointless (as I just want to check my emails and don’t want to waste so much time/bandwidth sending the bounces).
    I know Cpanel has a “bounce back” function on it’s control panel (the :fail: command), but if the mail is sent from an invalid address to your address the server will then be unable to bounce it back causing all sorts of “fun” for the system manager. Spam Assassin is good though 😉
    Ensim? Hmm, let’s just say this: after a fortnight of moving over 400 customer sites from Ensim to Cpanel: I’m really hate Ensim now…

  3. I have thought of MailWasher but I already have pretty good spam filtering with Thunderbird. The forward rule looks like the way to go, I think.

  4. My favoriate thing to do with mail like that is to forward it all back to some e-mail account that they own. So that they wind up spamming themselves.
    I also use all the alias e-mail accounds I get spam from for when I get comment spammed. I forward all my spam to whoever or whatever the comment spam was for/from.
    It probably doesn’t really hurt them, but it makes me feel good. 🙂