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Internet filters suck

I’ve run into this before, but it seems that any URL containing the word ‘porn’ is blocked on my connection, which means I can’t read the article ‘Porn Sites Hiding Behind Blogs‘ on Well, I can read the first bit since it’s still on the home page, but it’s an extended entry so I can’t read the rest, which is a pity because it looks quite interesting.
Oh, the joys of being on a university internet connection.


  1. Here is the content for you (feel free to delete when done):
    [Admin note: done, deleted 🙂 . Thanks anyway]

  2. Maybe you can fool the filter with a TinyURL? Try this:
    That way you can read the comments and everything.

  3. Even better is the fact that anything with xxx is blocked. So occaisionaly, when a random id is passed to a website you will be blocked.
    As if such a simple filter is ever going to do anything useful.

  4. Here is another write up on the same topic:

  5. Referrer Madness

    Update3 (11/19 afternoon): I have determined what the issue is, from a post Neil made. These are apparently covers for porn sites…

  6. For the longest time, my university was blocking The Onion and Salon’s sex column. Even an article about video games and free speech (yes, I kid you not) was blocked until I pushed to release it for educational value — we were analyzing the argument’s construction so the URL was finally unblocked.
    These days, we can access both, as well as blogspot, but certain blogs and URLs with particular keywords (such as MP3) remain blocked. Strangely, is also blocked, for no apparent reason, so I’ve got a proxy to access pages I feel are appropriate enough to read at work. Otherwise, I just send myself the URL and read at home.