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Another poor attempt at web design

I will apologise for it now but you can have a look at one of my coursework assignments: BradCamping Ltd.. It’s supposed to be a web site for a fictional Bradford-based company that sells camping equipment which can be ordered online.

I suppose it isn’t too bad but I was limited by having to use nested layout tables (no frames this time, thankfully), and needing an image map on the home page, which looks rather stupid. But, I’d lose a lot of marks if I didn’t have it, so it’s got to go in.

Fortunately we were required to use style sheets so I’ve been saved from the evils of the font tag and could do some nice mouse-over effects. It’s not totally finished – I still need to do some fine tweaks and check the markup is okay – but if I fall ill for the next few days and recover the day before I demonstrate it (Tuesday next week) at least I’ll have something half-decent. One warning though: do not use a real credit card number if you try out the credit card script. There is no encryption there whatsoever.


  1. Do you have to do anything more complex than a pre-made formmail script?

  2. You may want to correct the spelling of testimonials…. it’s testimonials, not testemonials.