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Applications across platforms

This is largely inspired by a post from Asa – I’m posting it here because it’s a bit longer and may interest you. Basically it’s a list of programs that I regularly use, and whether I use them across more than one platform. Although I primarily use Windows, I am trying to get into Linux more.

Applications that I use across platforms:

  • Browser: Firebird
  • Email: Thunderbird
  • Office: OpenOffice
  • IRC: Xchat

Applications I only use in Windows:

  • IM: Trillian Pro 2.0 or Miranda (would use Gaim but I’ve never got it to work correctly and it seems unstable)
  • FTP: SmartFTP
  • Media Player: dBpowerAMP for background music, otherwise Windows Media Player or Winamp
  • Editor: Metapad
  • File sharer: Shareaza
  • RSS aggregator: FeedDemon

Applications I only use in Linux:

  • IM: Gaim (works better in Linux than Windows in my experience)
  • FTP: Firebird at the moment 😮
  • Media player: XMMS
  • Editor: Emacs or Kedit
  • File Sharer: none yet
  • RSS Aggregator: none yet

I’m trying to move towards using more cross-platform programs, as certainly programs like Mozilla that I use regularly in Windows have helped make the transition to Linux a lot more smooth.

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