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What’s your redirect?

Cruelly lifted from is ‘vanity tinyURLing’. In the address bar, type ‘’, where xxxx is (up to) the first four characters of your name – having a short name or nickname may be useful here. Mine, therefore, is , which is an article on about Russians resisting resettlement. Interesting.

So, what’s your redirect?


  1. leads to an ebay page
    for a Country Tea Dish Towel Dishtowel & Crochet top.
    Somehow that seems about right!

  2. I can’t really see the point of these (but I had to go look anway) – mine’s for Adaptec UDF Readers…

  3. My URL is 22 the tiny URL is 23 hmmm…
    The following URL:
    has a length of 22 characters and resulted in the following TinyURL which has a length of 23 characters:

  4. gives me some nice “Parisian style” butter crocks.

  5. Vanity Tinyurl

    Neil posted about Vanity TinyURL’s where you see where tinyurl/yourname takes you. Mine, takes you to the amazon site for the collectors edition of Transformers Series 1 on DVD which I think is rather cool and geekish :-)…

  6. Try heading to the following, and you’ll be surprised at the results:
    (Mr/Mrs. US Vice President Cheney, so it’s not that bad, just funny links)