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BlogRolling got hacked

Someone hacked and Jason isn’t best pleased. A backup has been restored but for 7 hours all Blogrolling users had their blogrolls replaced with links to one particular blog, which now appears to be down, probably because of all of the traffic. From what I gather from various other sources is that the site affected is nothing to do with this (a message was posted there before it died), however some people still sent angry messages accusing the site owner of being a hacker and various other undesirable things.
Let’s hope Jason gets everything fixed and that Laura, the owner of the site in question, doesn’t get her house firebombed or something. And that the hacker that did do it does.


  1. My guess is it was someone who was not happy with Laura. What really amuses me is all these people out there that think that Laura had anything to do with this what so ever. If I was going to hack a site, I sure wouldn’t point to my site in the hack. Now I have to admit, there are some pretty stupid people out there, but I wouldn’t place a hacker that can break into a website in the stupid category, maybe script-kiddy, but not stupid.
    There are deeper ramifications with this hack. What

  2. ouch, a Joe-job and a DoS attack all at once. Does Laura have many enemies?
    Dave, I think WordPress has such functionality. I’ve asked Matt if he could make it a little stand alone package which people can use on their own non-WordPress weblogs. You might want to badger him also.

  3. D’Oh! That should be sorry, should’ve previewed and tested.

  4. Dave, Et. Al.
    I am working on a solution for blogrolls using MT, a new blog, and a PHP include function. I am working with a Date-Based Template, and the sort_by=”title” and sort_order=”ascend” attributes in the MTEntries tag.
    this does not show the last modified, but i like the alphabetical list myself.
    I will make a full post at my site when I am finished.
    for now, you can see a working web page here: