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New RSS feed

Since I’m stuck behind a library computer waiting for Mandrake 9.2 ISOs to download, I decided to get around to updating the syndication page and creating another RSS feed. This new feed only contains post excerpts in plain text, instead of full posts in their natural HTML glory. It’s basically there for people whose aggregators either cannot understand the <content:encoded> module or for those who are happy with just reading a summary and not a full post. Either way, I’m hoping it might result in a slightly more efficient use of bandwidth on the site. AFAIK I’m still okay as far as my bandwidth usage goes – it’s certainly still within the limit – but if I can squeeze some more juice out of it then it’ll be worth it.
The excerpts feed also carries considerably less metadata than the main feed, to the point at which it only includes the required tags plus a few that aren’t required but make for better viewing in an aggregator, like the <pubDate> tag. Again, this should reduce the filesize and ultimately the amount of bandwidth the file uses. The main feed and category feeds still contain full metadata as before.
The Syndication page gives full details about what is on offer and which feed to choose. I’ll add links to it and the new feed to the home page later on, but the third and final ISO is almost ready to be toasted so I’m off now :).
Update: Oops, I accidently lost the template for the main feed while doing that, so the main feed won’t be updating until later. I personally blame IE for not having tab browsing and making me confused :(. Never mind, fixed it.

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