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B-link blogging

By accident, I came across the blogChannel RSS module. This includes a few extra tags that allow RSS aggregators to fetch your blogroll (in OPML format), read your own aggregator subscriptions, and link to a ‘b-link’ blog, or ‘sideblog’. You can probably guess what I’d say next, so I’ll save you from having to read it.
So potentially, if you subscribe to my main feed and are equipped with a aggregator that understands blogChannel, it should also pick up the Smaller World feed. That said, FeedDemon doesn’t do this, and, to be honest, I don’t know of any clients that do yet. But presumably if they did they would ask you if you wanted to subscribe to it, or something.
Mark has an article on the subject.
By the way, I’m now archiving Smaller World posts by week.

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