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A lovely sense of irony

The Ordance Survey Get-a-Map service has some interesting requirements:

Get-a-map has been fully tested on, and offers full functionality, when used with Netscape 4.79 to 7 across all platforms.

This includes Mozilla. But when it comes to IE:

Internet Explorer for Windows, however, is more problematic owing to its incomplete support for the portable network graphics (PNG) file format used to serve high-resolution map images for printing. The core search and map display functionality of Get-a-map works with Internet Explorer 4.5 and above, but issues such as dark backgrounds may be experienced in printing maps.

IE for Mac is okay, apparently, although Opera isn’t. No word on Safari.
I really hope this IE update that is on its way next year will bring full PNG support, without having to use silly hacks to get it working. And they could fix its CSS quirkiness too, while they’re at it.

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