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Spam update

It appears that some bots now crawl RSS feeds for email addresses, as I’ve just got some junk email from an address that I used on Ben Hammersley’s blog. I was aware of this happening to others but since it’s only been recently that I’ve started using alternative aliases it’s not been so easy to track. The reason is that Ben includes some FOAF data in his RSS feed which includes the email addresses of those who contribute comments – while it may be useful in a metadata sense I wish he’d used the 'spam_protect="1"' attribute in Movable Type to make them less obvious. I suggest that if you have RSS feeds yourself and you run MT, then any email addresses you show on site should use that attribute.
I’m still getting junky newsletters from WebProWorld, despite trying to unsubscribe several times. Fortunately, I did use a different alias for them so I could easily just set a filter to block or bounce all mail that comes from there. If you don’t want your Inbox to be taken over by huge HTML emails of little interest then I suggest you do not join, even if the forums do look interesting.
Finally, I’m still not getting much comment spam. MTBlacklist should report back to me when it blocks something, which it hasn’t been, and nothing has trickled through. Of course, every time I say this I get hit by a load of it.
Actually, there was something interesting that occurred around half past four yesterday (UTC). I got 7 comments, all with the same name and email address, but with some encoded rubbish in the comments field and from 3 different IP addresses on different ISPs. Anyone else get that?

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  1. I’ve complained about that too.
    And yes I’ve also seen the junk posts too.