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Cracking DVD, Gromit

Now that I actually have a DVD player (well, a DVD-ROM drive), I might as well start a DVD collection. So, title number 1 will be ‘Wallace & Gromit’s Cracking Inventions’, mainly because CD WOW had it for £6.99 and I had a 50p discount thanks to a special offer, thus the total cost including delivery was only £6.49. Although it is a Region 2 disc, apparently it’s not normally available in the UK. I’ve seen bits of it on TV but never seen the whole thing, and I am quite a fan of Wallace and Gromit, as are my parents, so it’ll be something that I can bring home at Christmas for the family to watch on the seldom-used DVD player that my parents own.
CD WOW is well-worth looking at as their products are usually much cheaper than in the shops – some CDs sell for only £6.99 including delivery, when they may cost £12.99 or more on the high street. Although this is my first order, a friend of mine apparently swears by them so they can’t be that bad :).


  1. is another great student friendly link. Welcome to the 90’s 😉

  2. i’ve used them loads too – just watch you don’t get stiffed on import by customs although i think they promise they will refund any charges (although they may not refund the posties