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What’s here and what’s not

After Sunday’s big rejig, I thought I’d summarise what has and hasn’t changed, just in case you are linking to anything:

Pages that are in the same location as before

  • Category-specific RSS feeds
  • Category-specific pages
  • Main RSS feed
  • Any other pages that I haven’t mentioned (although they may be out of date)

Pages that have moved but have redirects

  • Monthly archive pages – a page located at /entries/2003_10.html will now be located at /2003/Oct/ (for example). 301 (permanent) redirects are in place.

Pages that have moved and won’t have redirects

  • Individual entry pages (due to the number of pages involved)

In future, if I have to reload everything I shouldn’t have the same problem because the filenames are now not reliant on the entry IDs. Which probably explains why TypePad now defaults to that naming scheme as opposed to using entry IDs – hopefully future versions of Movable Type will do the same.

One Comment

  1. Okay, so I do I get mine to be in this format?