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I want never gets

It’s a pity I already have a perfectly good portable MP3 player because Tesco have some pretty good deals at the moment. There’s a £150 player that works as a pen drive (requiring no driver in Windows 2000, XP, Me and Linux kernel 2.4.0+), comes with 256MB RAM, a Li-Ion battery that recharges through the USB port, digital voice recording, support for MP3 and WMA and is “easy to operate without reading manual”.
I have something similar, except it cost £130, takes one AAA battery (which in my case is rechargeable) and works as a pen drive but requires installation of a driver (so Linux support is out). It does the other stuff though.
I am very tempted, but I really don’t need it and I could put the £150 to better use, I guess, even if I would get 150 clubcard points (so £1.50 off my next shopping bill). By the way, thanks for the ‘get well soon’ comments – I am feeling better this morning but it does definitely seem like a cold – Tuesday’s Guardian had a guide to chest infections. That’s now on my wall for reference :).

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