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Too indecisive

Go over to your left and look at the ‘Neil’s Smaller World’ block on the sidebar. Then, at the bottom of this entry, click on ‘Post a comment…’ and give me answers to the following questions:

  1. How many entries should appear there? 5 or 10? Or more/less? (non-integer or negative numbers not accepted)
  2. Is the spacing alright? More/less spacing necessary?
  3. Should each entry be bulleted or not?

I can’t decide myself, so a bit of help would be most welcome.


  1. I like it just the way it is. 5 links is good (unless you add more than 5 new links at a time). The spacing is fine. And I like it without bullets but still marked up as a list.

  2. Everything looks good except I would add bullets.

  3. heya neil, i been thinking of doing this myself.
    i think 5 is good. i think spacing is good. i would not use bullets. i like it now.

  4. Bullets are ok. I would go with 10, though. Spacing’s fine 🙂

  5. At least we can all agree on the spacing :).

  6. I like the layout as it is too but I would move the whole thing to just below the search box to give it more prominence. It’s a great feature, don’t hide it away, especially if you’ve written 2 medium sized posts on any one day, a first time visitor wouldn’t see it at first, just the categories section.

  7. Good point. Apart from the Popdex link, that’s the only change I’ve made so far.