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Neil’s Smaller World

I’m experimenting with a side-blog, which I’ve named ‘Neil’s Smaller World‘. It replaces the list of recent entries on the sidebar, which wasn’t all that useful anyway, but also has its own URL and its own RSS feed. Which in itself is interesting because the <link> element points to the article it links to, not an entry permalink. This was done using the Collect plugin for MT and the following code:

<MTCollect tags="a">
<MTCollected lastn="1"><link><$MTCollectedAttr attr="href"$></link></MTCollected>

I have no doubt that there’s an easier way, but Collect looks interesting so I wanted to try it out on something. It may be possible that I can tell you not only how many words, comments and trackbacks an entry has, but also the number of images and links too. But I’ll save that for another time. In the meantime, enjoy the four links I’ve put in there already. I’ll try to keep it running but if I lose interest then I’ll dump it.


  1. I think Neil’s Smaller World is a good idea. I hate to admit it, but on many weblogs I read I often enjoy the leftover links more than the main blog entries (like Mark Pilgrim’s “b-links” or Kottke’s “Remaindered Links”).
    I’m subscribed to the RSS feed (so don’t forget to keep updating it) 😎
    – Chris B

  2. Great idea.
    Subscribed. Thanks!

  3. The RSS feed seems to have ceased to work for me (I’m using NetNewsWire Lite). Camino gives me an XML parsing error on line 104:
    looks like the equal sign needs to be escaped. Also, if I go to the “RSS 2.0” link URL seems to be wrong, it has one too many slashes.

  4. Errors corrected, thanks :).

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