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Do not join WebProWorld

I mentioned that I’d received some unsolicited mail from WebProWorld on Friday, and despite unsubscribing to it, I’m still getting mail. It appears I’m actually subscribed to several newsletters, none of which I requested when I signed up.
All are large, HTML emails that fall foul of the 50KB truncation limit I have in Thunderbird so that I don’t end up downloading big emails (most of which are either spam or virus-infected anyway, so no big loss). There is a subscription management site at but it doesn’t want my WebProWorld password, and I was never asked to supply a ‘zip code’ when I joined so I can’t find out what it is. I can unsubscribe to individual mailings, but only when they actually arrive. It’s a major faff that I really could do without.
More to the point, WebProWorld have just alienated one of their users. I can guarantee I won’t be posting in the forums again if this is how they treat their users – talk about biting the hand that feeds them.

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  1. I concure they are serial spammers everyday and they will not edit their list IM TIRED OF THEM, Ientry must be shut down. or at least forced to STOP with the spam