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I made a booboo. And, as such, I’ve had to re-install MT 🙁
Of course, after I’d wiped the database and run the re-install script it dawned on me what the problem was, but by this time it was too late. This means that all entries now have new URLs, so any links you have made to the site in the past year will need changing again.
That said, I do have a new URL format that should make Google like me even more – since the entry IDs would all have been different anyway, I thought this would be an ideal time to introduce the new format.
Another change is that comments won’t have to be reviewed before they are added. I’m hoping that MT-Blacklist will be able to put a stop to any troublemakers. Now all I need to do is get everything back to how it was…

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  1. oops! That explains why I had loads of new posts over the weekend in my agregator. Thought you had been busy or something!