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Spamtastic Hypocrisy

Both Chris and Luke have mentioned a new site called, an anti-spam blog that seems to be spamming other blogs to get attention, even though it’s still under construction. The messages are either emails or comment spams, written in a very generic and templated style. Now I haven’t yet got one but the guy behind this certainly needs his head examining.
In the same vein, I got an unsolicited email today advertising an anti-spam tool. This is while the FTC are suing a company that is spamming people to advertise an anti-spam tool via the Windows Messaging Subsystem (not MSN Messenger). According to the FTC:

The defendants created the problem that they proposed to solve-for a fee. Their pop-up spam wasted computer users’ time and caused them needless frustration.

Can’t agree more. This is sheer hypocrisy.


  1. A thought about (I posted over there also) —
    The site doesn’t look real professional by any means, but before we start accusing of spamming we should make sure it is really him. Couldn’t it be possible for a spammer to be spamvertising his site in an attempt to make people mad at him?
    I haven’t read any of the alleged spams, so I can’t make a judgement, but I hope everyone else doesn’t judge too quickly.
    – Chris B

  2. That is a very good point, and one that I didn’t think of. Let’s hope it is the case.

  3. I got an email from David at blogspam dot org, and he assures me that he is not responsible for the spamming. I’m not sure I believe him, but at least I don’t think it will happen again.
    He has also removed all the text he obviously copied straight from Jay Allllen’s site (and others), and now just has a short description and a link to the site. Much better.

    After pressing preview, it seems my comment was not submitted due to questionable content. I think I need to obfuscate the blogspam dot org url. Have you implemented Jay’s blacklist, Neil? It seems to work… and is annoying >:-(

  4. blogspam dot org got itself on the blacklist a couple of days ago. The copyright infringement and general content on the site didn’t allow much room for interpretation on whether David was comment spamming or not.
    Anyway, it IS possible for sites to get OFF of the master blacklist, but it won’t be immediately and I will have to be convinced that their inclusion was wrong…

  5. Jay answered your question :). Yes, blogspam dot org was on the blacklist that I imported either yesterday or today. It does indeed sound like this guy was joe-jobbed.
    (and I just fell victim to it too :-/ )

  6. > Anyway, it IS possible for sites to get OFF of the
    > master blacklist […]
    Thanks for verifying that Jay, I was just going to post at your site to ask.
    Since this guy David has enlisted my personal assistance with clearing his name, I’ve done some investigating. His original story, that he posted one comment at a friend’s weblog which was copied by a spammer and used against him, is falling apart, I’m sad to say. The most incriminating evidence: – This guy logged the IP address of the person who posted the spam, and it is from the same Spanish ISP as the personal email I received from David. – This is an email with the exact same message as all the comment spam. Not surprisingly, the IP address is from the same ISP as the comment spam, and David’s personal email to me.
    According to whois, the domain “blogspam dot org” is register to someone by the name of Victor Hermosin in Madrid, Spain. No mention of a David. It is unusual for such a personal website’s domain to be registered by somebody else.
    Most of the weblog posts which received the spam mentioned the word “spam”. I think “David” must have done a search for those and then copy-pasted his message to the blog and emailed some of the authors.
    Why in the world he would use spam, or spam-like tactics, to advertise his anti-spam site I have no idea. Perhaps he thought that they were on topic enough, and he wasn’t using a script, so it wasn’t really spam.
    Anyway, I don’t think you fell for any Joe-job Neil, and you can probably take down that very kind note you put up.
    Needless to say I’m a bit angry that he would lie to me and then ask for my help after I was the only one who gave him the benefit of the doubt. I will inform “David” that if he wants any of my assistance on his website (he is obviously not a native English speaker) that he needs to post a public apology for the spam and the copyright infringements.
    I do think a list of links about comment spam might be useful for new webloggers (which I will hopefully be one day!)
    sorry for the long post :-[