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Is it a spam, or is it an idiot?

I’ve been getting some really bizarre comments to my Googlism post. The author, IP and email are all the same, but the message is always different, written in the style of a Googlism.
I’m in two minds as whether this is someone with too much time on their hands or spam. My reasoning for the second idea is that this is a ‘marker’ post which spammers can use to find blogs where comment spam will stick out – the names are reminiscent of the bizarre names that I get email from on Hotmail, which are all spam.
Either way, the IP is blocked and comments are closed for that post. I’m actually thinking about taking a hint from Mark and closing comments on old posts. Although whereas Mark usually only allows comments on the most recent post I’ll probably only close comments on those more than two months old, for example, mainly because a number of the posts are no longer relevant but also because it’ll ease the comment spam problem.
Only problem is that I now have well over a thousand entries that will need the comments disabling in :-/.

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