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Announcing a new category

There’s now a Student Life category for your viewing pleasure. I figured that since I do post about student news and issues from time to time, a category was warranted.
It’ll be useful for linking to articles like this one, for instance – vote for the UK’s worst student bathroom, from a shortlist of 10. The winner gets an ‘extreme makeover’ from Aquafresh.
Looking back at a past entry during my search for old articles to populate the category with, I remembered the existence of Alas, my camera dodging ability seems to have dwindled – I appear three times in the ‘Bras on bars FND’ category. Not that I’m looking at the camera at any time, mind. Look out for a guy in a checked shirt with spikey (yes, spikey) hair and beige trainers.
Talking of which, I’ll be off to El Fu Nu Du tonight, as usual. Better start on the Red Bull soon.

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